Academics at Alpha Sigma Phi

At Mu Chapter, our academic standards are strictly enforced and encouraged. Mandatory and supervised study sessions at Foster Library, mandatory Clue sessions, and academic social probation are tools used to strictly enforce this standard at Mu Chapter. The University of Washington is a prestigious institution of higher learning, and the brothers of Mu Chapter are dedicated to continuing the scholastic merit which brought us to the UW.

Scholarship Winners

Diversity is one of the qualities which sets our fraternity apart on the UW campus. Our scholastic diversity is one of our greatest strengths. The brothers of Mu Chapter represent a great variety of majors including everything from architecture, business, economics, mechanical engineering, biochemistry, and political sciences to construction management, English, law societies and justice, industrial design, history, and philosophy. In addition, our brothers speak a wide variety of languages. Whatever academic challenges we face, one can always look to his brother for assistance and guidance.

In the end, it is up to each brother to be responsible for his own academic success. However, we strive to be an organization that excels in supplementing and awarding the efforts of our members. We help our underclassmen plan schedules and a curriculum that will not overwhelm or discourage them, and we aim to provide them with the tools and motivation they need to succeed. The brothers of Alpha Sigma Phi are ready to be a great supplement to your educational experience here at the University of Washington.

Past Grades

Fall 2013: 3.28

Winter 2014: 3.22

Spring 2014: 3.32

Fall 2014: 3.31

Winter 2015: 3.2

Spring 2015: 3.27

Fall 2015: 3.25

Winter 2016: 3.36

Spring 2016: 3.4

Fall 2016: 3.3

Contact Information

Alpha Sigma Phi
4554 19th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98105
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