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Steve Jobs once said, “Great things are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” While his full quote is about business, I believe this also applies to our Securing the Future of Mu Chapter capital campaign and the urgent need to renovate the Old Gal.

Thanks to the generosity of our 124 donors we have raised $1,057,462 toward our $2 million goal. These loyal Mu men represent just 10% of our active alumni base, which means there are still a lot of brothers who have not yet joined the campaign. We need your help to make additional progress on the renovations.

This past summer and fall, the remodel of the third floor was completed and it has never looked better! The project included a new electrical setup, doors, flooring, and shower room. These renovations were coordinated by the Corporate Board and brothers Paul Bailey ’74, Torjan Ronhovde ’75, and Bob Strecker ’78. However, we need more funds to making other necessary renovations and they simply won’t happen without your support.

If you haven’t contributed to the campaign yet, please don’t wait any longer.  Click the Donate button at the top right of this article.  If you have already donated or pledged, thank you! Your support has allowed us to make some fantastic improvements. Help us spread the word by letting your brothers know that their participation is essential to our success.

Mu Chapter has stood for an impressive 109 consecutive years. As a team, we can secure the future of the Old Gal for the next 100 years. Make a pledge or donation today!

In Phi,
Kris Axell ’76
Campaign Chairman
(425) 753-4294



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